This is a bad game I made for a very cool Game Jam. The 2 Colors Game Jam was a challenge to make a game that only uses 2 colors. I decided to do a monochrome thing but it could be any 2 colors.

There was also a theme. Well actually 2 themes "You are the Weapon "and "Space". Kinda blew off that part. I thought the 2 color thing was the only theme and learned about that part afterwards. My bad.

Originally this game was going to have a linear narrative. A 5-10 minute vignette, I had a whole idea of a final boss you need to upgrade a weapon for, a bandit hideout, Vegeta was gonna be there, and a bunch of other stuff. Couldn't finish that game unfortunatly, that one was going to be pretty cool.

I made the player controls and one enemy for that game, and this game is about shooting that enemy over and over as it spawns. It's not a  good game, but the original game was kinda strange too so maybe it's not surprising. There's not really a goal, so think of this like a relaxing, meditative game. That's a good thing to say when a game has no objective. I don't know much about meditation but it's supposed to be good for you so give it a try! 

Wish I could have done that original idea.

I use sound effects from 2600 games. It sounds like a game a character on TVis playing and that's fun.

Move with arrow keys. Fire with Z. Only one bullet at a time. It shoots opposite the direction you last moved. It makes the shooting feel awkward but I wanted that, to see how bad it felt.

Made withUnity
Tags2600, bad, html, Unity


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Well, you said it, not me, but this game is really bad. :D