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This is a little sample I cooked up for using BulletML. Someone told me about this markup language for describing bullet patterns about a month ago and I had to take a look. It was all written in java so I figured it would be perfect for making something for Android with.

It's a timed bullet hell boss fight. The closer you are to the enemy the more damage your bullets do. If you are hit, you do not lose but 20 seconds are added to your total time. Your ship will shoot automatically but will stop for a few seconds if hit.

This is an experiment with ideas to make bullet hell style games seems less intimidating to newer players. By making it a time you compete against yourself with to get faster, I am trying to take emphasis out of clearing and on improving one's skill.

I have used libGDX both for my personal projects and at work and I decided I should try something new. I used AndEngine for the first time and that by itself was it's own challenge. It's simpler to use than libGDX but it's still something new.

It took me a while to come to grips with making the existing BulletML code work with AndEngine. The provided demo was designed to work in a java applet and I had to adapt that to work in AndEngine and that was not as straightforward as I thought it would be. It was a little sloppy how I did it but eventually I got it going. You can look at all of the code here on my GitHub:


Install instructions

You are going to have to install an unlicensed apk. I am not putting this on the Google Play Store because it's just a prototype. This is the only other way I can think to distribute it. Download the apk file and transfer it onto your Android device. Once it's there find it in your files, select it, and it will give you a warning about this file being unnofficial. There will be instructions for making an exception in your securty settings. Once you allow the installation it should install just like any other app.


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